Gloria Bailey

Glory Bailey - O love of God
( Original album recorded in 1968 )

Ludwig van Beethoven
The Pastoral Symphony (1808)
earliest recordings 1924 - 1930

Beethoven portrait from 1805

Frieder Weissmann & the Berlin State Opera Orchestra
Recorded November 1924 (with Side 2 remade January 1925)


Felix Weingartner & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 1927
Unedited Direct Playback From 78's With Side-Breaks

Weingartner & the Royal Philharmonic edited version (below)
I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Andante molto mosso
III. Allegro IV. Allegro V. Allegretto

Franz Schalk & the Vienna Philharmonic 1928

Max von Schillings & the Mitglieder Staatskapelle Berlin 1929


Hans Pfitzner & the Berlin State Opera Orchestra 1930
Unedited Direct Playback From 78's With Side-Breaks
2 versions

Pfitzner 1930 edited version (below)

Awakening of cheerful feelings on arrival in the countryside
Scene by the brook
Merry Gathering/ Storm/ Shepherds cheerful & thankful


"Our well-beloved minister, Brother Liele."

The Words of George Liele in a letter dated Kingston, Dec.18, 1791

"I was born in Virginia, my father's name was Liele, and my mother's name Nancy;
I can not ascertain much of them, as I went to several parts of America when young,
and at length resided in New Georgia; but was informed both by white and black people,
that my father was the only black person who knew the Lord in a spiritual way in that country:
I always had a natural fear of God from my youth, and was often checked in conscience
with thoughts of death, which barred me from many sins and bad company.
I knew no other way at that time to hope for salvation but only in the performance of my good works."
About two years before the late war,
"the Rev. Mr.Matthew Moore, one Sabbath afternoon, as I stood with curiosity to hear him,
he unfolded all my dark views, opened my best behaviour and good works to me
which I thought I was to be saved by, and I was convinced that I was not in the way to heaven,
but in the way to hell. This state I laboured under for the space of five or six months.
The more I heard or read, the more I" saw that I "was condemned as a sinner before God;
till at length I was brought to perceive that my life hung by a slender thread,

No…George Liele Was Not America’s First Missionary

"Honour your mother and father
so your days may be long"

Violet Brown (1900 - 1917) was the oldest verified person ever in Jamaica
and also the last living former subject of Queen Victoria before she passed

"I love the Church"