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Erich Wolfgang Korngold
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

covers by Jim
Original Soundtrack @ 256/320

lots of stills divided into screenshots, Korngold at various ages & behind the scenes & publicity shots.

Bird of Paradise (1932) Max Steiner

beachboy Chick Daniels entertains movie stars
Joel McCrea and Dolores Del Rio btween takes

Steiner was encouraged to fill this film with music,
quite a departure since music had dropped out of Hollywood
films as a backlash against the non stop singing and dancing
of the early sound Musicals.Steiner spent $20,000 to purchase
marimbas, ukeleles, steel guitars and vibraphones for his score
and what a belter it is too.
This is the complete soundtrack with dialogue etc. but don't
let that put you off, it's a real treat

2 Lp's @ 320