Yasin - Turkish Songs

Heard this on Marmaris beach
coming out of a refreshment stall,
after some very gestural chat
between the stall holder and myself
who had as little English as i had Turkish
came back the next day and was handed a CDR by the singer
Yasin was all that was written on the disc.
Anyhow, it's excellent stuff - enjoy!: )
@ 320


  1. wow, that's some unique and amazing guitar playing--if that's what it is. specially modified maybe? all that i could find on "yasin", is that it's a surah in the koran.

    1. oops. forgot to say thanks. and speaking of unique, thanks also for "unknown public 7, the netherlands connection"

  2. Most welcome, sounds bit like an electric 'guitar' with some effects on it and love that wump wump heavy beat