Max Steiner - King Kong
Original Soundtrack (1933)

Hard to find release of the Original Soundtrack
More than deserves to be available until reissued eh wot ?
@ 320 (scans inc)

have a listen

Informative article with score examples

more excellent material

Trailer from 1938

Playlist of some key scenes

This Modern rerecording ticks all my authenticity boxes and a bargain


  1. A VERY BIG thank you for this absolute classic film music, dear anonymousremains - I only got the remakes, which never come close to Steiner's original 1933 score!

    I didn't realize you were back on the tracks - so much to catch on: Stothart, Schifrin etc.

    Lucky :)

  2. you'll feel even luckier very soon
    good to be back
    : )