Chants de devotion
et d'amour
du Rajasthan (LP)

@ 320 (covers included)
flac (covers included)


  1. Thnak you for preserving and restoring the sound of old vinyl. I wonder if there is any chance that in case of the LP's , that you could be talked into also including photos or scans of the label stickers for both sides A and B?! Actually I would really be able to stop chasing for originals given that i can have the "full monty" i.e. complete digital likeness of all the metainformation that comes with a publication. If you download something from the Anthems of Luobaniya blog you will understand exactly what I mean...

    I love to have all the printed sleeves added leaflets folders ...
    and I am sorry, but I get such a kick out of seeing the labels as well!

    Please don't make me explain more (blushing...) ;-)

  2. Sorry to add so fast to my previous rant, but if I could also persuade you into making the scans or photos a wee bit bigger. I am an old fart and have only one working eye and have to magnify text most of the time to be able to read so It would make my eye strain much less if you could lets say double it? Especially those French Harmonia Mundi's like this one were really a bit "groked" to read... Thanks a lot for this one and also for all the other posts I found interesting but did not leave any comment on!

  3. boy o boy bolingo69 looks like we've got a difficult customer - will digest your words along with a coffee and a bakewell then set to it.
    : )

  4. here's the covers inc. Labels

    as for reading the covers on the page,when you click on the image does it not come up large enough to read.

    : )