Appalachia - the old traditions Vol. 2
Blue Ridge Mountain Music

@ 320 (covers included)

flac (covers included)


  1. this is so pure & lovely. not to pull a bolingo & gaze down the gullet of gift horse, but perhaps if you get a minute one day you could possibly re-rip doug wallin's superlative rendition of 'the time draws near' as there's some skippage at about 1:18. many thx a.r.

  2. Greetings Anonymous,

    Anonymous here ;-)

    It seems the fowl owl is correct. There is a brief jump at the tail-end of "The Time Draws Near". Since I have no way of obtaining a physical specimen of this album in the foreseeable future, would you kindly re-rip and post a link for the one track, provided you're still out there somewhere? :o) Thanks so much!

    Sincerely yours,


  3. Dear Owl and Anonymous skippage finally eradicated....enjoy