Bird of Paradise (1932) Max Steiner

beachboy Chick Daniels entertains movie stars
Joel McCrea and Dolores Del Rio btween takes

Steiner was encouraged to fill this film with music,
quite a departure since music had dropped out of Hollywood
films as a backlash against the non stop singing and dancing
of the early sound Musicals.Steiner spent $20,000 to purchase
marimbas, ukeleles, steel guitars and vibraphones for his score
and what a belter it is too.
This is the complete soundtrack with dialogue etc. but don't
let that put you off, it's a real treat

2 Lp's @ 320


  1. Wonderful. And thanks for the context. Along with Symphony of Six Million and King Kong, this was one of Steiner's first biggies, no?

  2. Oo wow !!! Thanx a million for re-uploading this one :-)
    Very much appreciated.